Psychotherapy Counselling Services in Brisbane


PsychotherapyinBrisbane is a counselling service which offers psychotherapy and art therapy to individuals from all walks of life, to locals living in Stones Corner, Greenslopes, Woolloongabba, as well as residents from North and South Brisbane. Psychotherapy is process oriented and focusses on helping you heal. It can help you overcome and better understand distressing thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

By gaining an in-depth understanding of the emotional distress and turmoil we sometimes experience, our sense of well-being improves and increases.

Sometimes we dont understand fully what is affecting us mentally. Sometimes we find it difficult to express or explain what we are experiencing emotionally. The purpose of psychotherapy is to explore whatever you are experiencing, thoughts, feelings, ideas or behaviours in a structured manner.

My Approach to Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are based on regular personal interaction between a trained professional and an individual within a special context and setting. It offers a safe and supportive environment in which an individual can communicate how he or she feels, thinks and reacts to challenges in life.

At PsychotherapyinBrisbane I apply a range of techniques based on dialogue, communication and relationship building. The forms of communication I employ in my work range from spoken communication, artwork and dreamwork.

Which method is used depends on the individual and his or her leanings, it depends on what the person is experiencing and/or the goal which has been set collaboratively.

Talking through issues, being listened to with empathy and respect, discussing ways forward, may help you better navigate difficult areas, experiences and times within your life.

The Role of Art Therapy

Art therapy is the process of expressing ones self in drawing, painting or modelling. It can help you express your feelings visually and communicate feelings and emotions which are difficult to name and put into words. Dreamwork, too, assists in gaining a better understanding of emotional turmoil and often lets you see difficulties in a different light.

The ultimate goal of psychotherapy is to resolve or reduce emotional distress and mental anguish.  It aims to find positive ways to deal with normal (albeit difficult) experiences and emotions, like grief and loss, conflict and illness. Or strengthening relationships, developing self-understanding, finding purpose, making healthier choices or pursuing meaningful goals. 

All counselling services I offer are strictly confidential, and I provide a sliding scale of fees for clients to enable them the ability to meet the cost of therapy. An initial consultation is free of charge.

My practice is conveniently located on level 1, Suite 4, 416 Logan Road in Stones Corner, Brisbane, a five-minute walk from Stones Corner station.